Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photography : Advice for people-who-won't-admit-they-need-it

Start small  - keep it simple. It never hurt to start small, so your Digital Camera would do. Cos they is no point in you investing in a expensive DSLR and not knowing how to use it or know the basics. I had humble beginnings as well... and it was from my Canon DigiCam

Taking your camera with you - It never a bad idea cos you don't want to come home with regrets "Damn it, i should have taken the cam and shot that pretty bird (not the other kind)" Next time you got out there take your camera with you, maybe you might get that lucky shot. I've taken great pictures whenever I've taken my camera out of my house or on a trip

Photographic Wish list - Well if you can't take your cam with you make-a-pics-i-like-to take... A bird, the sunset, kids playing, sleeping dog... whatever comes to your head.. i had an idea of visiting the local cemetery...i planned it... took the cam... snapped a few pictures.. 

Don't expect a lot - Don't expect a flock of flamingos to fly by and stay still for you or bevy full of playboy playmates to pose you ... take a look around... maybe that bicycle parked by the shop or the sunlight hitting that flower... maybe worth taking a snap!... 

Stop being lazy - Sometimes you have to get those jeans dirty... it doesn't mean you have to get into mud or cross a swarm... maybe that angle of the subject isn't working for you... try different sides, angles and depths... personally i was a lazy photographer when a friend advised "stop being lazy"... i took it to heart....

Continued from last week

Be Organized -  Yes I'm being a hypocrite here... when you take your pictures and upload them to your computer/laptop make folders. I make it simple - (Full, Selected/Unedited, Selected/Edited and Resized Final Folder...


If your uploading to FACEBOOK and for example say you image resolution is 2500x 1500 mega-pixels and the size of the image is avg size of 2.5 Mb.. It'll take time to upload especially if you have a whole album to upload.. Use PICASA to resize the image the to 800x540ish mega-pixels and 134-300 kb in size it creates a duplicate image while keeping the Original picture intact.

(Remember the longer side of the pic should be changed from say 2500 to 800)

and also

If you want to print a picture - Use the Original Sized Image (eg- 2500 x 1500 - 1.7-2.5 mb)

and if you want to upload of facebook or anywhere else (800 is good to go)

Set up a portfolio - Go for a FLICKR Page. Best way to share you pictures with family, friends and different people around world. All you need is yahoo account... it's simple as that!

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